A program to continue the research experience established by the Nobel Laureate Harold Kroto. Your support will enable students to participate in transformative hands-on research on prominent renewable energy projects. Every gift makes a difference.

The late Sir Harold Kroto, who died in April 2016, championed the cause of education through his engaging presentations and his commitment to making sure people of all ages were able to engage in scientific discovery. He had a sense of conviction that inspired us to follow in his footsteps and help provide a service to the global community. His research group at Florida State University is deeply saddened by his loss, but we will continue on the path he established to make research and outreach activities available, creating research opportunities for high school students and undergraduates in our laboratory to reduce the barriers toward research for the next generation of young scientists.

Our research group recently ran a pilot initiative, "Advanced Research Experiences for High School Students," to continuously open its laboratory to high school students. The aim was to increase exposure to hands-on chemistry research and build upon the relationship between science education and practical experience at a young age.

The pilot demonstrated success and inspired high school students to be strong, smart and bold by providing them the opportunity to achieve their full potential in addition to taking the first steps in their scientific careers. Adiya Hota, one of the students in the pilot, achieved first and second place in the Capital Regional Science and Engineering Fair and the State Science Fair, attracting media attention to Florida State University’s commitment to strengthen and foster STEM-based outreach and education.

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With your financial support, we can maintain a legacy of support for this unique opportunity. We are raising funds to help with equipment needs, instrument usage and personnel. Please help us to inspire the young rising stars in our community with this initiative. Every gift matters and makes a difference. Help us keep the momentum going.

You could potentially double, or even triple, the impact of your gift if you or your spouse is employed by a company that matches the charitable contributions of its employees.

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