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Help fund the Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Lab! Your support will allow students to take what they've learned in the classroom and apply it to a real-world engineering project.

Senior Design projects: those of you who graduated from the department know what we’re talking about. You work with a group of your peers to design and create a product that shows off your skills as an engineer. You toil to create something that may contribute in some way to the technological advancements of the mechanical engineering field, and even our society.

We’re hoping to make the process of Senior Design a little smoother for current and future Mechanical Engineering students by providing them with a lab specifically for the creation of their Senior Design projects.  We envision this lab to have workstations and benches, computers, and of course some of the tools and other equipment necessary to support the successful completion of future Senior Design projects. Specifically, we’d like to get:

  • Mechanical tools: no pun intended here--we need a lab with such tools as screw driver sets, needle-nose pliers, temperature measuring devices, a load cell, etc. Price range is $5-$500.

  • Computers: every great lab needs a few computers. We're aiming for two at a total cost of $1,800.

  • Furniture: what would a lab be without some work benches, plenty of chairs, a smart white board, etc.? Price range is $200 (i.e. chairs)-$5,000 (smart white board).

  • Software (i.e. Matlab, MathCad, MS Office, COMSOL, etc.)

Our goal is to raise $10,000 toward the completion of our Senior Design lab. Any amount you can contribute is appreciated. Your donation will help ensure success in preparing our Senior Design students for their futures as mechanical engineers!

***You could potentially double, or even triple, the impact of your gift to the Senior Design Lab if you or your spouse is employed by a company that matches the charitable contributions of its employees. Visit to find out if your employer has a matching gift policy.


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