Regimes of Visuality: Print Culture in Haiti During the Age of Revolution - An exhibit exploring the uses, circulation, and meanings of print in Haiti and the Black Atlantic during the Age of Revolution (1776-1824) opening Thursday, April 5th.

This Spring, students will mount Regimes of Visuality: Print Culture in Haiti during the Age of Revolution in the William Johnston Building Gallery, set in the newly renovated, LEED-certified William Johnston Building on Landis Green. With two glassed walls, facing the building's five-story atrium, the gallery is an exquisite and yet intimate space to show work.


About the course

Taught by PhD candidate Jennifer Baez, the Museum Object course is the culmination of the Museum Studies minor for undergraduates at Florida State University. This course examines the history, philosophy, practice, and implications of acquiring, researching, and displaying objects in art museums and gallery spaces in the modern era. Additionally, the course provides students with hands-on experience in designing and mounting a show in a gallery setting.


About the exhibition

The turbulent turn of the eighteenth century in Haiti saw the birth of new alliances and publics that tipped the balance of power in the Black Atlantic. Print played a major role in this, with many studies focusing on the printed word or on specific publishing centers and authors. Our class will curate a wide selection of images from Edouard Duval-Carrié’s collection of Caribbean historical prints and ephemera, to trace a network of printed matter that was produced, shipped, reproduced, alluded to, and performed across Europe and the Americas, and which informed the political debates that formed Haiti. Topics include how images of the plantation complex, mapped space, and the “black body” built affect and shaped audiences.


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