Students in the Law Enforcement Academy Partnership program are burdened with the cost of tuition for both FSU and the academy. Raising funds for a $1,000 scholarship will offset the academy tuition for student interns in the program.

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The Law Enforcement Academy Partnership

The Law Enforcement Academy Partnership (LEAP) Program

Who We Are

Students at Florida State University learn from the best criminologists in the country. The faculty ranks number one in scholarly productivity and grant dollars received, ensuring some of the best educated criminology graduates in the country come from FSU.

Alumni of the FSU College of Criminology and Criminal Justice succeed in a wide variety of disciplines, but those in the fields of criminal justice lead at all levels of local, state, and federal law enforcement. Every year the college enrolls an increasing number of students pursuing careers in law enforcement. Criminology’s internship program has always allowed students to earn college credit for practical experience in the real world, but at the Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy they have the opportunity to earn their State Officer Certification while working toward their Bachelor’s degree.


What Your Gift Will Fund

The College of Criminology’s partnership with the Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy has led FSU’s finest students to attend the academy each semester. Scholarships help defray the cost of tuition for students who are already paying Florida State University and who must also come up with an additional $3,500 to pay tuition and materials for the academy. By raising $1,000 a student could be partially funded for the LEAP program.

Students at the Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy applying practical skills learned in the classroom.

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