The FSU Early Childhood Autism Program (ECAP) has helped over 100 children learn language, social, cognitive and academic skills. The clinic's expansion will add therapy rooms to better meet the needs of local families affected by autism.

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Early Childhood Autism Program Clinic Expansion

ECAP currently serves about 40 clients aged 2 to 21 who have been diagnosed with developmental delays and disabilities, including autism.  About 550 children in the Bay County area could be diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and with a wait list of families requesting ECAP's services, funding for expansion is desperately needed.

Serving children, families and the community

Through the years, ECAP has grown from in-home and in-school therapy to include an on-campus clinic and a Parent Resource Center.  The clinic also serves as a learning tool for students in the FSU Panama City Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) master's program, which is one of the highest ranked programs in the country.

ECAP has a need for creating individualized therapy roooms to increase clinical space and provide additional focused learning centers to enhance specific skills training (e.g., language and social skills).  By creating these new rooms ECAP and FSU Panama City could beter serve the needs of the Panama City community.

ECAP is the only nonprofit ABA therapy provider in Bay County.  With added expansion, ECAP would be able to serve more families who are in need of ABA services and provide more resources to the community.


Using positive reinforcement and individualized teaching, graduate student therapists follow individual behavior treatment plans to help children develop academic, social, language, cognitive, daily living and other motor skills. Parents take part in the process as well, by watching therapy in the clinic via live video feeds or by participating in parent trainings offered by ECAP.


ECAP'S ABA therapy consists of 1:1 teaching conducted by a behavior therapist under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). During each session the therapist implements a mixture of structured work time at a table and more relaxed play time in order to complete each child's learning activities. These two methods are also employed to keep children's attention as well as help motivate them to learn. Some children have formed friendships at the clinic, and ECAP has built upon those friendships by hosting a weekly social group during which children learn and practice social skills together. Every activity is a learning opportunity at ECAP and new skills are taught every day.


ECAP's staff of BCBA supervisors oversee sessions and work diligently with therapists to tailor treatment to accomodate every child's individual needs. All ECAP supervisors meet multiple times per week to discuss clinical case management, client/staff schedules, treatment plan development, data analysis and other clinic updates.

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