Help us remember and honor alumni who have lost their lives while serving in the line of duty. Donate to the Fallen Officer Memorial today!

Donations ended on 8/31/2016

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Fallen Officer Memorial


The Florida State University College of Criminology & Criminal Justice

is a proud supporter of the law enforcement family and is constantly

seeking opportunities to strengthen the support of those who protect and

serve our communities. To honor those individuals who have lost their

lives serving in the line of duty, the College will be erecting a

Fallen Officer Memorial.


Located prominently on campus, the College will dedicate a portion of

its historic grounds to honor fallen criminal justice alumni and friends.

The memorial will include a bronze American flag at half-mast on a stone base.

The names of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice will surround the base.


Through this unique opportunity, the Fallen Officer Memorial will initially pay

tribute to eight FSU criminology heroes: Livio Albert Beccaccio, Corey Dahlem, Daniel

“Dale” Green, Ernest K. Ponce de Leon, Rogerio Rene Morales, Scott

Michael “Scotty” Roberson, Dana Seetahal, and Robert John Williams.

These brave men and woman leave behind a legacy that represents the

three hallmarks of the College of Criminology & Criminal Justice:

Character, Vision, and Intellect.


**You could potentially double, or even triple, the impact of your gift to the Fallen Officer Memorial if you or your spouse is employed by a company that matches the charitable contribution of its employees. CLICK HERE to find out if your employer has a matching gift policy/

Help us honor our fallen by donating to this memorial today!



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