African-American Alzheimer’s Caregiver Training & Support Project (ACTS 2) provides free, faith-based skills training and support to African-American dementia caregivers how, where and when they need it. Help fund this innovative program.

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African-American Alzheimer’s Caregiver Training

Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias are tough on persons with the condition but also on caregivers, especially African Americans. Rob Glueckauf, a Florida State University College of Medicine professor, and his health service team have developed a program that’s benefiting numerous caregivers in North and North Central Florida. He and his team want to make that faith-based program available to more Floridians. Although it’s free to caregivers, the recruiting, training and evaluation efforts all require money and time. So they're seeking additional support.

This innovative project is called ACTS 2 (African-American Alzheimer’s Caregiver Training and Support Project 2). It is delivered over the telephone, which Glueckauf has demonstrated is just as effective as in-person skills training in relieving caregivers’ stress and providing support. It’s also more convenient, especially for those with transportation and respite care challenges.

The ACTS 2 Project offers faith-based, skills-building and support services to African-American caregivers of loved ones with dementia across Northern Florida, including the Panhandle and counties north of Citrus, Sumter, Lake and Seminole.    

The skills-building program consists of 12 weekly sessions on topics, such as relaxation, effective thinking, assertiveness and problem-solving skills. Sessions are offered over the telephone by trained African-American faith community workers. Caregivers are encouraged to work on the problems and challenges they face every day. There is no charge for the ACTS 2 program.

Common issues to be addressed:

  • Communicating effectively with your doctor and family members

  • Dealing with aggressive behaviors

  • Safety and wandering

  • Giving medicines

  • Managing the stresses and worries of caregiving

  • Increasing self-care, rest and relaxation


ACTS 2 Testimonial


For more information about the ACTS 2 Project visit their website, or to learn about ACTS 2, call 850-274-4945 (in Tallahassee) or 866-778-2724 (toll-free). 


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