Send students in FSU’s Technical Production and Costume Design programs to the 2023 USITT Conference and the Prague Quadrennial for networking, education, job opportunities & more. Your gift will get them there!

Donations ended on 6/30/2023

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FSU Theatre @ USITT & PQ23

Help FSU send students in FSU’s Technical Production and Costume Design programs to the 2023 USITT Conference and the Prague Quadrennial for networking, education, job opportunities & more.



The United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) has chosen FSU as the Build Team for the two exhibits which will represent the USA in the Exhibition of Countries & Regions at the Prague Quadrennial 2023.


The Prague Quadrennial is globally known as a two-week event taking place every four years since 1967. What began as an exhibition is now a festival drawing more than 70,000 viewers in addition to 8,000+ professionals and students.


The PQ is like the Olympics of theatre technology and scenic design. Being chosen by USITT as the Build Team is an honor and acknowledgement of the expertise housed in FSU School of Theatre.

- James Frazier, Dean


A team of faculty, staff, and students built the designs in Summer and Fall 2022 and will finish this December. The exhibit will first be staged and presented at FSU in Tallahassee in January, travel to the USITT Conference in St. Louis in March, and finally to Prague for PQ23 in May.


Your gift will get them there and ensure that FSU is best represented on these national and international stages.*


*Funds raised in excess of the project cost may be applied to the advancement of the School of Theatre.

PQ23 Flight Underwriter

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Jennifer Verkon  $5.00 3/24/2023 9:37 PM
Anonymous Donor  Day of Meals $50.00 1/30/2023 1:44 PM
Lynn McWilliams & Todd McWilliams   PQ23 Meal Sponsor $500.00 1/26/2023 5:58 PM
Jessica Comas   Day of Meals $50.00 1/12/2023 5:17 PM
Helen S Hunt  Dinner Sponsor $30.00 1/12/2023 3:45 PM
Jonathan Klepper & Jimmy Cole  Dinner Sponsor $25.00 1/12/2023 1:21 PM
Nancy Norman & David Norman  One Night Stay $100.00 1/12/2023 12:45 PM
Anjali Austin  One Night Stay $100.00 1/12/2023 11:34 AM
James Russell Sandifer  One Night Stay $100.00 1/5/2023 10:41 AM
Susan Fiorito & Jack Fiorito  One Night Stay $100.00 1/2/2023 3:47 PM
Yvonne Brown & Steve    PQ23 Flight Underwriter $1,500.00 12/30/2022 9:23 AM
Ellen Berler & Rob Contreras  One Night Stay $200.00 12/22/2022 2:26 PM
Jerry & Bobbi Hill  Day of Meals $50.00 12/20/2022 8:57 PM
David Marshall-Martin  Dinner Sponsor $25.00 11/28/2022 10:08 PM
J. Steve Welsh  One Night Stay $100.00 11/28/2022 3:52 PM

Donations for this project ended on 6/30/2023 11:58 PM

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