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Jacksonville Seminole Club Scholarship Fund

Donate today and help us continue to grow our endowment to award more scholarships to deserving Jacksonville students who meet the Jacksonville Seminole Club requirements attending FSU! Go Noles! 

Here is a note of gratitude from your scholarship recipient: 

Dear Jacksonville Seminole Club, 
I am incredibly grateful for your continued support of my education by providing me with the Jay Abraham Scholarship. I feel very blessed for this scholarship as I start my final semester of pursuing a master's degree in arts administration.  Since receiving this scholarship last year. I have been able to connect and serve with various organizations both locally in Jacksonville and across the country. This past summer, I was able to return home to Jacksonville for a month to intern with the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville. It was wonderful to observe how they operate to serve the arts and culture community of Jacksonville. My favorite element was preparing materials for the Major's Youth at Work Program, which was going to place teenagers in paid internships with nonprofit organizations. This was a great opportunity to share my tips and tricks for a successful internship with the next generation, hopefully encouraging some of them to pursue a similar career in nonprofits. I then took off for California to intern with Music@Menlo, a summer chamber music festival. While I had a wonderful learning experience. I missed Jacksonville and the community that has supported me over the years. 
This scholarship has removed the weight of financial stress for my final semester at FSU. I am very blessed and honored to say that I will graduate with my master's debt-free because of your support. This has also allowed me the time to invest in my education without the 
distraction of financial stress. I have been able to focus on my internship opportunities, class studies, involvement with arts organizations in Tallahassee, and my leadership role with the Flute Association at FSU to work towards the final goal of working for a nonprofit arts 
organization post-graduation. I am so privileged to say that because of those efforts, I will be working for the National Flute Association in Chicago this May. None of the success I have achieved would be possible without your help. I am very thankful for this organization's support while I finish my degree. The Jacksonville Seminole Club will always be dear to me because of your investment in my education. I am beyond thankful for your continued support. 
Thank you, 
Lilly Mauti 


To the Jacksonville Seminole Club, 
My name is Elizabeth Schultz, and I'm a senior at Florida State. 1 was born and raised in the D.C. area until my family moved to north Georgia when I was 17. A year later, I decided to move even further south to Tallahassee for school. Initially, I was a criminology major, but I realized very quickly that I wanted to spend my life talking to people and enjoying every minute of my career, so I switched to hospitality in the first semester of freshman year. I hope to take my degree back to Atlanta or out west to Dallas or Denver to pursue a career in housekeeping so I can work on creating a more environmentally sustainable way to run the department.
I'm incredibly grateful for this scholarship because it helps my family and me a great deal. Back home, it's just my mom and my brother, and with a single-parent household, money has always been something I've had to be conscious of. My mom has worked very hard to send me to school out of state because even with some very generous scholarships and grants, its an expensive education. This scholarship will help me pay for my tuition and give my family a little bit more financial freedom, which means the world to me. 
I cannot give enough thanks for this amazing gift. I wish you all the best. 
Elizabeth Schultz 


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