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Sommer-Young Study HERE Fund in Dance


In recognition of the years of service put in by Dr. Sally Sommer and Dr. Tricia Henry Young to provide students with the opportunity to study and intern in the NYC Professional Arts World, FSU invites you to support the Sommer-Young Study HERE Fund in Dance. 


Your gift will support the School of Dance's Study HERE programs - including Dance in NYC, now known as ARTS in NYC - which seek to immerse students in professional dance and arts communities in major metropolitan areas.


"The ARTS in NYC Program was pivotal in my transition from student to professional dancer, as it is truly an insider's guide to living and thriving artistically." -Maggie Cloud, 2009 Student


Program participants are immersed in the arts and culture of the city - attending classes, experiential activities, performances, and internships designed to develop their technical proficiency and business skills.

Post-graduation, 77% of program alumni remain active in the arts community, working as administrators, performers, and teachers while continuing to perform and make art. 68% of ARTS in NYC alumni from the last four years return to the city to live and work.

About Dr. Sally Sommer

Dr. Sally Sommer - widely considered to be a leading expert on dance in American popular culture - is a dance historian, dance critic, and academic. She has taught at Florida State University since 2001, designing the MA in American Dance Studies program. Dr. Sommer founded the ARTS in NYC program in 2002.

About Dr. Tricia Henry Young

Dr. Tricia Henry Young is a Professor Emerita of Dance History and the former Director of American Dance Studies program at Florida State University.

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