Each year since 2002, a small team of FSU College of Medicine medical students and faculty members travel to Panama, where they spend 1 week providing health outreach services to the residents of rural Filipina, Panama and surrounding villages.

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FSUCares Service Learning Trip to Filipina, Panama

FSUCares is a dynamic medical student organization devoted to helping the underserved and underprivileged populations both locally and internationally. Our mission is to provide health services, including medical care, education, and counseling to those people who would not otherwise have access to care while providing an interactive, clinical learning environment for FSU College of Medicine students.

The Panama Outreach mission strives to expose medical students to the epitome of rural medicine by providing the care for and living with Panamanian natives. By becoming immersed culturally, the medical students experience life in remote Panamanian villages and understand the population's healthcare needs.

Becoming a cornerstone of FSUCares’ international efforts, Panama continues to provide rich experiences for medical students. With the first group of students going in 2001, the size of the project has grown, but the scope has remained the same: allow medical students to participate in a fulfilling experience serving a rural population. Currently we are concentrating our efforts on a long term partnership with Filipinas, Panama. In the past students have also provided service in Portobelo, Panama.



To learn more about FSUCares, visit the FSU College of Medicine website.

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