The Institute of Sports Science and Medicine is expanding! Your support will help establish a research-based performance training facility to accommodate exercise training studies and clinical trials, and fund equipment needs for the growing space.

Donations ended on 3/9/2023

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Institute of Sports Science and Medicine Equipment

FSU’s Institute of Sports Sciences and Medicine (ISSM) is expanding! The state-of-the-art research laboratory is dedicated to optimizing health, body composition, and human performance. More than 750 additional square feet has been allocated to support a research-based performance training facility. The new space will accommodate growing needs to conduct exercise training studies and clinical trials.

Your support will help fund equipment needs for the space including a Precor BP/BLK Resolute Leg Press, and other equipment that will immediately impact research collaborations and further elevate our institute’s reputation.

ISSM is a collaborative effort between the College of Health and Human Sciences, FSU Athletics, College of Medicine, Nike, and its founding Partner, Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic. Since its establishment in 2010, ISSM has conducted studies on groups and individuals ranging from elite athletes to clinical populations.

We have served FSU students through laboratory experiences and internship opportunities. Expanding the institute and its research capabilities will increase ISSM’s capacity to train students on the latest technology.

Our vision is to produce high-quality and ethical research in sport nutrition and exercise performance. ISSM aims to be the authority in sport science and medicine locally, nationally, and internationally. Help us reach our goal by donating today.



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Precor Resolute™ Strength Selectorized Line Leg Press

Precor Vitality™ Series Selectorized Pulldown / Seated Row

Precor Discovery™ Series Plate Loaded Line Angled Leg Press

Precor FTS Glide Icarian® Strength Line Functional Training System

Precor Vitality™ Series Selectorized Multi-Press

Precor Vitality™ Series Selectorized Leg Curl / Leg Extension

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Supporter Gift Date
Amber Kinsey  3/9/2023 5:49 AM
Samuel Kwawukume   3/8/2023 11:02 PM
Stephen Tinter & Sarah Tinter  3/8/2023 10:48 PM
Jacob Pacilio  3/8/2023 10:03 PM
Anonymous Donor  3/8/2023 9:51 PM
Natalia Bermudez  3/8/2023 9:22 PM
Amanda Clark & Kyle Clark  3/8/2023 9:12 PM
Marian Christ  3/8/2023 8:56 PM
Andy Khamoui  3/8/2023 8:06 PM
Paula Smith  3/8/2023 7:32 PM
Anonymous Donor  3/8/2023 6:40 PM
Ann Brown & Asa   3/8/2023 6:25 PM
Gustavo Ramos  3/8/2023 6:12 PM
Maggie Morrissey   3/8/2023 6:08 PM
Wyatt Eddy  3/8/2023 5:36 PM
Dohoun Kim  3/8/2023 4:53 PM
Payal Ghosh  3/8/2023 4:49 PM
Kieran Paterson  3/8/2023 3:53 PM
Kathleen Haughney  3/8/2023 3:39 PM
Lyndsey Hornbuckle-Lampkin  3/8/2023 3:13 PM
Cameron McCarthy   3/8/2023 3:12 PM
Titch Madzima  3/8/2023 1:18 PM
Jason Williams  3/8/2023 1:01 PM
Michele Garber  3/8/2023 12:40 PM
Samantha Leyh  3/8/2023 12:06 PM
Andelino Calderon  3/8/2023 11:43 AM
Mingchia Yeh & Olivia Hu  3/8/2023 11:36 AM
Emery Ward  3/8/2023 11:12 AM
Kyle Cesarep  3/8/2023 11:11 AM
Alex Klemp  3/8/2023 11:07 AM
Jean Mowbray  3/8/2023 11:04 AM
Steve Pre-Loaded Betaine  3/8/2023 11:00 AM
Dan Griest & Terri  3/8/2023 11:00 AM
Tim Griest  3/8/2023 10:46 AM
Grant Laskin  3/8/2023 10:41 AM
PHILLIP WORTS   3/8/2023 10:18 AM
Liliana Rentería-Laskin  3/8/2023 9:40 AM
Chris Bach & Christina Bach  3/8/2023 9:38 AM
Kevin Derryberry  3/8/2023 9:36 AM
Jake Walsh  3/8/2023 9:36 AM
Katie Baur & Dan Baur  3/8/2023 9:35 AM
Nicole Viverito   3/8/2023 9:35 AM
Daniel Eurich  3/8/2023 9:25 AM
Melissa Powell  3/8/2023 9:15 AM
Chris Morris & Dr. Laura Morris  3/8/2023 8:43 AM
Anonymous Donor 3/8/2023 8:19 AM
Mike Ormsbee & Lauren Ormsbee  3/8/2023 6:39 AM
Anonymous Donor  3/8/2023 4:51 AM
William Heebink  3/8/2023 1:44 AM

Donations for this project ended on 3/9/2023 12:00 AM

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