Please consider making a donation to support the efforts of Dr. Bob Pekurny to continue his legacy of student success, especially if you’ve benefited from an internship or life lessons via Dr. Pekurny.

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Continue Bob Pekurny’s Legacy of Student Success

Dr. Bob Pekurny greatly impacted students during his seventeen years at FSU. In 2006, Dr. Pekurny established the Los Angeles Television Experience (LATE) program, providing our media production students with immersive experiences in the entertainment industry. Looking back at his career at FSU, Dr. Pekurny realized that his legacy lies in the lives and careers he helped shape for the world more than in the videos and scripts he helped his students create.

The Dr. Bob Pekurny Entertainment Industry Fund aims to support student internships in the entertainment industry outside of Tallahassee. His legacy to the School of Communication will encourage students to travel, experience, and learn different facets of the entertainment industry through hands-on experience.

"Donors should support student internship opportunities because they provide a critical link between students' college education and life in the "real world," in which students can apply what they've learned in the classroom, make professional connections, receive industry-specific training, hone their professional skills, and get a crucial "foot in the door" for securing post-graduation employment in competitive job markets" - Dr. Brian Graves, Associate Professor of Media and Technology at the School of Communication.

Your generosity's impact on students' collegiate journeys and careers afterward is critical to their success after graduation. Please consider donating to support his efforts to continue his legacy of student success, significantly if you've benefited from an internship or life lessons via Dr. Pekurny. He may have retired as faculty and LATE director, but he remains committed to helping the next generation of Seminoles achieve their goals. Thank you for your generous gift and support.


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