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Global Peace Exchange Scholarships

About Global Peace Exchange

Global Peace Exchange (GPE) is the international development organization founded in 2006 at Florida State University. We are a multidisciplinary student-led initiative to learn from, support, and work with community-based partners worldwide.

Our vision is a global community of people passionate about the complexity of issues affecting our interconnected world. Our mission is therefore to connect students with global issues through (1) international non-governmental organization (INGO) partnerships, (2) support of both local and international causes, (3) critical dialogue about international development, (4) and professional opportunities.

A primary component of GPE is our INGO Partnerships which facilitate experiential learning with community-based international development INGOs. The partnerships culminate in a variety of projects carried out during 2 months with the INGO partner in-country. This can include projects of service, internship, research, social enterprise, creative endeavor, and more.

Since our inception, over 100 students have partnered with INGOs based in 8 countries across the globe. GPE is the only organization at Florida State University focussing on international development. We emphasize the importance of learning before serving, solidarity with locally-based grassroots movements, respect for individuals, communities, and cultures, collaboration, and sustainability.

GPE students involved in the partnership process first conduct research to assess the impact, transparency, and sustainability of potential INGO partners. Global Peace Exchange prioritizes participants’ understanding of the culture, context, and issues within a host community as part of the learning service model. This is exemplified through a series of workshops and training activities developed in advance of participants’ in-country experience. GPE also provides support and resources to ensure participants are prepared to live in another country for 2 months.

Through involvement with the partnership process in Tallahassee and abroad, participants have the unique opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look into non-profit sector organizations and the local issues an INGO seeks to address. The in-country projects also allow for immersion into in a new culture and community, improving intercultural competence. INGO Partnerships allow students to reflect about our interconnected world, therefore strengthening students’ personal development as global citizens.

Our students come from a diverse set of backgrounds, majors, and career ambitions. Several have been awarded grants for research conducted in a variety of fields as well as social entrepreneurship initiatives.

In 2014 Global Peace Exchange won the Florida State University Organization of the Year Award, a recognition over 600 Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) on campus may be nominated and compete for annually. Alumni have received recognitions such as Humanitarian of the Year, Social Science Scholar, Fulbright Scholar, and Truman Scholar.

Graduating GPE members frequently serve in the Peace Corps or other international service groups and pursue careers within international non-profit organizations, multinational businesses, and U.S. state agencies.

Funding will go towards scholarships which directly support FSU students working with INGO partners during the summer. Although each of our participants are providing from their own personal savings for this experience, we would sincerely appreciate any contribution. With your support, we intend to sustain and grow our efforts for the years to come.

GPE is supported by numerous on-campus entities throughout the year, including: The College of Social Sciences and Public Policy, The College of Communication and Information and The FSU Center for Global Engagement. Global Peace Exchange is proud to be part of the award-winning internationalization efforts at Florida State University.

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