FSUS faculty, join the excitement of giving and make an investment in "Building Our Future."

This is a novel request that has never been asked of our faculty before; however, this is a new and exciting era that we hope you will welcome! It’s important that we set an example for giving for the community and potential donors who will invest in our children and our school. 

Will you help our faculty reach 100% participation by giving to support the "Faculty Break Space" that will be located in the Career to College Center at FSUS?  

You may be wondering how much to give. You can give ANY AMOUNT that is meaningful and affordable to you. You can give at once or over time (including via auto-deduct). Here's an example of how you can set up a recurring gift:

  • $5 monthly x 10 months = $50 Total Gift
  • $10 monthly x 15 months = $150 Total Gift
  • $25 monthly x 12 months = $300 Total Gift

Our unity will make a statement, set the tone, and may be just the catalyst to launch a successful campaign.    

***The "Faculty Break Space" does not quite have the ring to it that we'd like so there will be a naming contest among the faculty so YOU can decide what it will be called!***

This project currently does not have any donors

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